"Lotus peace," is a painting I completed in Bangkok Thailand that depicts a young girl sitting in front of a giant pink lotus flower, symbolizing Tao and inner peace. The delicate and serene expression on the girl's face suggests that she has found a sense of calm and harmony within herself, and the towering pink lotus flower represents the manifestation of that inner peace in the physical world. The intricate details and rich colors of the flower contrast beautifully with the simplicity of the girl's pose, creating a harmonious and visually appealing composition. 
"Copper thread and the stories told," acrylic paint and metallic fabric on an octagon canvas. 
 2022 Bangkok Thailand
Copper is a highly valued metal that has been used for thousands of years in various cultures and civilizations, including in Africa. In many African cultures, copper is believed to possess spiritual and cultural significance and is often used in the creation of intricate patterns and designs.
The use of patterns in African cultures is widespread and is used to tell stories, express cultural values and beliefs, and to decorate various objects such as clothing, jewelry, and household items. These patterns often have symbolic meanings and are used to convey important messages about identity, community, and tradition.
Storytelling is an integral part of African cultures and is often passed down through generations. African storytelling is used to educate, entertain, and preserve cultural traditions and beliefs. The use of copper and pattern in African storytelling is a powerful tool that allows stories to come to life and to be remembered for generations to come. Through the creation of intricate patterns and designs, African cultures are able to communicate important cultural values and beliefs and to keep their history and traditions alive.
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