Born in Newark New Jersey
Lives and works in New York/China 
USA 1986

My Name is Fatimah Taj White , Fatimah meaning, “the nurturer”.  Taj meaning ,”Crown”
I am light
I am a storyteller, I paint the future. My work lives with in the an interwoven tapestry of time. My work connects with ancient storytelling, math, science, color, physics & black girls play.
I am a brown women of African American decent
I am Native American & Cuban Decent
I come from a family of dancers & painters
I am a professional Global Interdisciplinary Artist, Director & Chair of Fine Arts, drama & music. American International school in Hangzhou china.
I traveled to over 50 different countries exhibited in Art in and gave guest lectures  in ,India,ethiopia,china,brazil,berlin,italy,china and Thailand. I workin in, painting, fabric, digital art, film, sculpture ,drawing, Virtual reality and whatever, medium I choose to tell me stories .
My story is a part of a fabric that is woven into americas past, present and future. I am the keeper of my ancestors dreams I am muse I am a explorer,  I am creative theoretical polymath ...I am a creator.
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